Why Mountain Biking Is Fun for Everyone

Mountain biking is a great adventure for the whole family. It can be an amazing experience for both young and old. It does however impose some additional challenges as opposed to that More »

Mountain Bike Treks

Mountain biking is a sport that grows on you. What starts out as an activity to douse curiosity can turn into a lifetime endeavor. What used to be a plain outdoor means More »

Learn the Benefits of Santa Cruz Mountain

One of the most adventurous and loved sports is mountain biking, and it is the craze of every youngster and most of them adopt this kind of sport as a hobby. Mountain More »

The Best Folding Mountain Bike

If you need to stick to your principles and quite simply can not or will not sacrifice what your stand for then Rietti’s latest addition to the world of folding bikes (or More »

A First Look at Mountain Biking

It seems like now more than ever before in The United States, new sports are popping up all of the time. From the explosion of skateboarding, both street and ramp style, to More »

Why Mountain Biking Is Fun for Everyone

Mountain biking is a great adventure for the whole family. It can be an amazing experience for both young and old. It does however impose some additional challenges as opposed to that of a conventional bike ride, and that adds the zest to this exciting sport. The mental and physical demands just make it so challenging to anyone who knows how to ride a bicycle.

“Montain Bike Racing”

It is the best way to see and experience the great outdoors while enjoying a sport that you are sure to love. Kids will absolutely be excited as they will see this as an exploration and a challenge at a very young age. Riding a bicycle is just something a child has to learn and what better way to add on some skills than to mountain bike. They learn amazing biking skills and get to explore nature in a fresh and exciting way. A new nature experience awaits discovery as they go through trails and nature preserves that offer guided treks.

A physically challenging sport, riding a bike

Mountain Bike Rides

“If you did not bleed you did not have a good ride mate!” Statements like this can give a beginner rider a pause. However, mountain biking can offer a variety of experiences for all levels of enthusiasts without the necessity of blood transfusions after each ride. Unless of course, bleeding is a requirement. Here is why you are about to experience a great adventure sport.

1. Adrenaline. The surge of adrenaline is every adventurers dream as it fills the thirst for something extreme. Mountain bike rides take cycling to a whole new level by imparting biking skills and techniques that are alien to your conventional bicycling around the block. A lot of skill is utilized while traversing through challenging bike trails, where common nature elements such as terrain, fallen tree branches, mud puddles and rocks become obstacles to completing your trail blaze. Speed is another element that utilizes special skills only developed through mountain biking. The proper knowledge of bike handling, body positioning and balance can result to the fastest way to traverse on wheels less the crash and speed ticket.


Basic Lesson of Mountain Bikes

Mountain biking is an interested hobby that challenges your skill and endurance yet give a shocking thrill. This sport has few fans that addict to conquer the most rugged bikes they ever meet. Mountain biking sport needed a special bike that able to hold your body on small tough base. Understanding how to ride this bike will give you chance to enjoy it better.

Many challenges that invite us to ride our bike on it, such as steep hills, rocky base, and dirt tracks. Mountain bikers usually look for another challenge after they succeed defeat one area. They will work on mountainous or dirt hilly areas that hard to achieve by vehicle. This sport gives so much pleasure adventure and satisfaction.

Mountain bikers sport know no fear when drive their bike on dangerous areas, yet keep searching for more thrill adventure to challenge their skill. For beginners, you need to choose certain bikes that thicker, fatter, stronger and more durable than normal bike tires would. These special bikes

Mountain Bike Treks

Mountain biking is a sport that grows on you. What starts out as an activity to douse curiosity can turn into a lifetime endeavor. What used to be a plain outdoor means of transportation is now one of the most adventurous sports on dirt. A mountain bike trek is the more adventurous side of conventional cycling. Done on nature preserves and bike trails, this sport is pure haven for all cycling enthusiasts. Safety on a trek is primarily determined by the upkeep of your bike. Dangers on a trek come mostly to small groups. A bike breaks down in the middle of nowhere or a person takes a fall on an unknown trail. An organized mountain bike trek is completely safe if supervised and expertly planned.

Head first. The basic and most common gear on a bike trek is a helmet. A naturally dangerous sport, and like other adventure sports, eliminating the risks begin with safety gear, and a helmet is the first and most important gear of all. An outfitters’ first directive to any participant is to wear a helmet at all times during the activity.

Equipment that works

Learn the Benefits of Santa Cruz Mountain

One of the most adventurous and loved sports is mountain biking, and it is the craze of every youngster and most of them adopt this kind of sport as a hobby. Mountain biking has its roots in late 1900s and since then it is the emerging hobby of millions. But the necessary aspect is the selection of the right kind of the bike that helps you in your traveling through rough and uneven terrains adopted by the bikers. One such electrifying name in mountain bikes is Santa Cruz Mountain Bikes, which are specially designed with effective stability and turning which caters to the need of all hard core mountain bikers.

Santa Cruz Bicycles are best in every feature, whether we are talking about it’s design, excellent handling, or brakes. In short, every single feature works efficiently. As biking in the mountains is one of the most popular and adventurous sports, and is associated with dangerous terrain, that is why bikers opt for Santa Cruz Mountain Bikes. They are so beautifully manufactured that they hold and withstand the stress and pressures of riding on dangerous terrains and rough slopes.

Santa Cruz

The Best Folding Mountain Bike

If you need to stick to your principles and quite simply can not or will not sacrifice what your stand for then Rietti’s latest addition to the world of folding bikes (or more specifically the ‘Army recon’ style of folding mountain bikes) has got your name written all over it.

In your case money may or not be an option or it just may be a case of refusing to compromise your ideals. Let’s face it what you drive or what you ride says a lot about who you are; there’s just no getting around that in today’s society. Personally I always have been and always will be a sports car kind of guy. My sports car is my identity and it says as much about me as does my leather jacket, my watch, my sneaker collection and my girlfriend. It’s sleek, stylish, fast, changes gears and changes pace in a hurry and on the fly and maneuvers in and out of traffic and around current and potential obstacles in the blink of an eye. If I want to get downtown from my office on the outskirts of the city then I just

A First Look at Mountain Biking

It seems like now more than ever before in The United States, new sports are popping up all of the time. From the explosion of skateboarding, both street and ramp style, to the transformation of surfing from something only weirdos did to a normal pastime, sports are perpetually growing, changing, and challenging themselves to get more difficult. Whether it’s big-wave surfing or kiteboarding, there’s always someone upping the ante on what it means to be a true athlete.

One of the more popular new sports initially started growing around ski areas where no one knew what to do with the mountain during the time there wasn’t snow. Like many other famous sports, it developed from just a good idea to a national craze. The sport in question? Mountain biking.

Rather than simply riding a bicycle across town, or even riding one around a track, mountain biking freed the bicycle from its pavement environment. Now, riding a bicycle was more about balance, since mountain trails had to be dealt with. Different riders, in urban areas, even put their own twist on things and figured out ways to make city riding challenging,

Successful Mountain Bike Racing

Contrary to popular belief, mountain bike racing is not just a sport for young, adrenaline-crazed muscular macho men in leather jackets. Rather, today’s “adrenaline-crazed” bike rider is as likely to be middle aged as he is young, flabby as he is muscular, and feminine as he is macho. Mountain bike racing is an equal opportunity sport that only requires one thing from its participants-that they have fun.

Before you can enjoy this activity, however, you must learn a few basic rules of the game. Fortunately, learning these rules is almost as enjoyable as competing in the bike race.

Mountain Bike Racing is for Everyone

Unlike other sports, mountain bike racing does not discriminate against gender, age, or particular body types. Because this sport’s focus is on fun rather than competition, it is open to all to participate.

To enable fair competition, however, a number of competition levels, or categories, exist within this sport. There are categories for beginners, categories for different age groups – even a category for those weighting more than 220 pounds (the Clydesdale category.) Thus, do your research and find

Mountain Bikes Exercise

If you want to get into a fun sport that will allow you to get plenty of exercise, get into shape, and offer you challenges that you won’t find elsewhere – all while enjoying an abundance of nature – you might want to start thinking about mountain bikes. Mountain biking is a popular sport that has been around for numerous years, but recently, with the new technology that goes into the manufacturing of today’s mountain bikes, there seems to be a new interest in this sport.

If the sport of mountain biking isn’t something that you know a lot about, you may have the wrong idea about the sport. You’ve seen the mountain bikers on the television sports channels jumping obstacles and racing down dirt trails – and racing is one aspect of mountain biking. However, racing is not required. In fact, most mountain bikers don’t race at all.

Mountain biking for most people can be compared to hiking. The point is to get out, get exercise, and experience nature. Yes, there will be obstacles to maneuver around on them more advanced trails, but many people are just out for

Things to Expect When Riding Your Bike

Ready to try your chops at mountain biking? What can be so different about this sport that you have not yet experienced? A lot. Maybe you rode your beach cruiser on the sand or have gone off the asphalt on your road bike. It has a complete and different set of challenges. Thus, whether you are an experienced “roadie” or have not gotten into biking yet – it can offer lots of fun and new possibilities. It is a sport like no other and to understand it there is only one way – try it. Whether you get into it is another ball game, but you are sure to have a great adventure. Before you go, here is what you can expect while riding a mountain bike.

  1. This is a physically intense sport. Certain parts of your body get a beating when you ride; your skin, hands, legs, arms and feet. Equipment is available that can protect and provide some comfort to these body parts as you enjoy this adventure sport, these are:
  • Above all equipment, a helmet is the most important as it protects the most important part of your body.
  • Gloves are specifically designed using

Mountain Biking Facts You Didn’t Know

As far as anyone can remember, riding a bicycle has been part of everyone’s childhood. Remember that first time you had a go on one; it felt like a mountain of an achievement. Now that you have the power and the limbs for a more enhanced kind of cycling, that mountain is now actually a part of it. It is an entirely different kind of adventure as you traverse through challenging trails and breeze through sublime and captivating nature preserves. But where did this popular sport come from? Who are the individuals that have attributed to the sport’s popularity? Here are 10 facts to captivate your interest.

  1. The history of this extreme sport goes way back to 1970 in California, USA. It was on Mount Tamalpais that made that mark of being the origin of mountain biking. Founding fathers of this sport were considered to be Joe Breeze, Gary Fisher, Keith Bontrager, Charlie Cunningham and Tom Ritchie. Using coaster brakes on converted cruisers, the first prototype of mountain bikes were all downhill purposed. Meaning they never rode their bikes uphill, they had to transport them up to the starting point and ride them downhill. These 5 individuals

How I Got Into Mountain

It was a humid Saturday morning as I had one foot clipped into my mountain bike while there must have been thirty of us lined up onto the starting line of this 15 mile mountain bike race. As I stood there I glanced over at the other competitors, some of whom had what looked like a ball of fire in their eyes while others had ripped leg muscles. They all sat onto their bikes, some of witch were carbon fiber bikes, hard tail and full suspension bikes and even a few 29ers. Here I am with only a year of experience riding on single track trails with my Trek full suspension mountain bike as I tried to keep myself pumped up for what could potentially be a very grueling race. Before the gunshot was heard, I kept my hands relaxed on the handle bar grips, only letting go to make sure my gloves were on tight, my helmet was adjusted properly and I took a few sips from the Camelbak hydration system that was strapped to me. Once the gun went off and was heard all over the mountain bike park, we were all in a

Barracuda Mountain Bikes Provide a Delightful

Strength is what best identifies a Barracuda mountain bike: it is excellent on rough terrain and on mountain trails as it gives you the chance of a really solid trip. There are many functions that you simply ought to look for in a Barracuda mountain bike.

Check that it has full suspension and that it’s got aluminum body.

The fork should have a Zoom Comfort and ease suspension and also the transmission is generally Shimano. Shimano includes simple shifters.

The brakes tend to be another strong point of just about any Barracuda mountain bike as they include both front and rear brakes held by Shimano Easy Fire shifters.

Barracuda bikes additionally come with some extras which may include Kronos Comfort saddle, steel rise bar and Kronos Adjustable quill stem.

The form of the frame pipes is now much more angular in the new Barracuda mountain bike style. The angular frames and also the aggressive components offer a plus to the stiffness of the ride. And also the cyclist may definitely sense the distinction.

The Shimano shifters which we

Mountain Bike Reviews

Mountain biking is an extremely popular adventure sport. Because of the inherent dangers involved in the sport, mountain bikes, the principal equipment used in the sport, must be solid and durable. Mountain biking involves riding the bike through extremely rough terrains and dangerous slopes. If the bike is not strong enough to withstand the pressure and stress of riding, it can cause fatal accidents. Because of this, a person who wants to buy a particular brand of mountain bike loves to hear an endorsement about the safety and durability of that brand. As a result, prospective buyers check on sports magazine and websites for mountain bike reviews.

There are a number of brands of mountain bikes available on the market. One can observe that normally the price goes up as the number of features of the bike increases. Previously word of the mouth publicity was the most predominant sales booster in this category. But now with the internet allowing the users freely to express their views, the cyber world is abuzz with a number of mountain bike reviews. One can find a number of websites that allow bike owners to write about their

Mountain Biking for Beginners

Wanting to exercise outdoors, but have fun also? Ever think of Mountain Biking? It can be a little risky, but with the right precautions it could be perfect for you.

There are many styles of mountain biking. Here are 3 styles that are popular, downhill, free riding, and cross country. Each requires different skills and a different type of bike.

Locations for mountain biking can be easily found. You can find signs at your local park the shows where to go. Be sure to ask a park attendant for any information they may find you will want to know.

You can also look into group mountain biking. You can look online for these groups, or even start one yourself.

Biking can help with endurance and stamina. You will need it for mountain biking. Practicing on the trails will also help build your endurance. In the beginning there will be bruises and scrapes from falling for sure, but just remember to get back on and keep riding.

Choosing a bike can be fun, but should be well thought out. They vary in

Downhill Mountain Bike

Downhill biking is a real adrenalin pumping thrill packed ride which has the most addictive effect among all the mountain biking sports. The speed of descent is the real thriller which requires a sufficiently high degree of skill and practice, without which this sport can turn into a violent disaster. That is why it is essential for those who are new to this sport to exercise extra caution when participating in this kind of a venture.

The best would be to gradually advance in your skills by first practicing it on easier slops and after acquiring the necessary skills, advance to the next level.

Tip # 1

When attempting downhill biking, always wear your protective gear which will ensure your safety.

Tip # 2

Take the trouble of first checking out your track on foot and note any obstacles which you are likely to encounter in the path. This will help you in planning your ride later and nothing will come up as a surprise to you. Those who do not adhere to this often in their early riding days end

Variations in a Mountain Bike Frame

A mountain bike mainly depends up on its design and the design is basically the structure of its frame. The performance of a mountain bike has a large variety of application and for each application some variation in its frame is required. In the preceding paragraphs I will discuss some variations in the frames of mountain bike which has impact on the ride itself.


The bike frames are available in a variety of materials which affect the weight of the bike directly. The heavier frames are made up of steel while steel alloy frames are a bit lighter in weight comparatively. These frames are used in bikes for local commutation and in bikes meant for pavement or road riding. These frames are much more brittle to take the ruggedness of free riding and quickly bend or break.
The lightest frames are made of aluminum and its alloys. These frames are very light in weight and are usually used in bikes meant for free riding and downhill biking. These frames are more flexible and can sustain a lot of rough handling involved in the roughed mountain biking sports.

Tips for Buying a Used Mountain Bike

Acquiring a second hand mountain bike is considered a good choice for new beginners who want to enter the mountain biking sport. It is an excellent option for veterans who could upgrade and continue to participate in professional mountain biking. A number of apt mountain bike styles are available in the market- name it and you have it. So what is it really that makes you take the right choice?

To begin with you need to ascertain the kind of mountain cyclist you aim to be. Mountain bikes could possibly be categorized as follows: All Terrain (Trial Bikes), Freeride, Downhill (DH), and lastly Cross Country (XC).

If you are the one who prefers cycling on rigid terrain and would like to try out tricks as well then go for a Free-ride bike. It is the heaviest of all mountain bikes and certainly not meant for comfortable lengthy rides on even ground. On the other hand the Cross Country bikes (XC) which are also lightweight are incredibly skilled bikes but unsuitable for rigid land. For those who consider downhill racing interesting, a specialized Downhill (DH) bike is waiting out there for

Different Mountain Bikes For Different

Go into any bike shop or department store bike rack and you’ll notice that the dominate models in today’s market are all mountain bikes. That’s a far cry from a couple of decades ago when everybody and his neighbour had to have a ten-speed racing bike. The truth is, we had no more knowledge of speed cycling back in the day, than the average consumer has about mountain bikes today. Needless to say, there are many different types of mountain bikes.

Trail Bikes
Trail bikes are the kind most often chosen by recreational consumers. Your co-workers ride them to and from the office while their kids tool around town on them. They are similar to cross country bikes but heavier and sturdier. Trail bikes are meant for moderate terrain on made-made urban trails, or gentle natural trails outside of town. They also make good street bikes that are safe and manoeuvrable in traffic.

Cross Country Bikes
Cross country racing was birthed around the same time as its BMX counterpart. It involves gentle to moderate terrain with an emphasis on climbing skills. Therefore, cross country bikes need to be lightweight and

The Art of Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is a popular sport as well as a great method of exercise, but, most of all, mountain biking is a lifestyle. The bikes have very specific design characteristics for off road and rough terrain. Mountain biking requires strength, endurance and biking skills. While much of this sport involves bicycling over trails and over hills and mountains, it can also mean cross country biking.

Mountain bike riders need to learn a variety of skills. Aside from having to learn how to handle a bike while riding over sometimes difficult topography, riders must also learn how to repair broken bikes and flat tires while on the trail so that they do not find themselves stranded out in the middle of nowhere. Survival skills do come into play as well as many riders go on trails and on group rides, sometimes for rather lengthy treks.

Of course, bicycles have always been ridden off road but the actual mountain biking sport began in the 1970s. Riders from Colorado and a couple of places in California claim to be the ones to give birth to the sport. While each group may have some